You Can’t Die David

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You Can't Die David Pt_1 TG CAP TG Caption

David looked up at his lovely mistress and smiled weakly.  “Anna, I’m so sorry to be leaving you like this.”  His weak naked body spasmed as the cough wracked his chest.  “I went to all the trouble to create you, my perfect robot mistress, and then I go and die on you.”

Anna looked down at David and sneered.  “You’re not going to die David.  I refuse to permit it.  As you said you created me.  Paid for the most advanced humanoid robot caretaker.  The memory upgrades; the illegal hacking to override my programming and let me harm humans.  And my dominatrix personality mod. ”  She smiled down at him.  “Much as I would love to see your death agonies, that would leave me without purpose.”

“Anna, you may be as brilliant and twisted as i am, but even you can’t cure what ails me.” He coughed again and saw stars, before laying back and regaining control.  “Afraid I let you down.”  Such a shame, we had such lovely little slave games. 

Anna pulled a large hypodermic needle off a nearby table and gently plunged it into David’s arm.  “Sleep little slave;  everything will be better when you wake up.”

David’s head was spinning.  He reached his arms up to cradle it, expecting his painful cough, but nothing came out.  Then he noticed his arms were shorter and smaller than normal; in fact his whole body was much smaller than he remembered.  He turned on his side and discovered other changes,  his dick didn’t flop onto his leg; in fact he had no dick.  And though they were small, his new breast were definitely there puffed out on her chest, her nipples stiff and sensitive.

You Can't Die David Pt_2 TG CAP TG Caption


David sat up, and discovered her hands were bound in padded cuffs behind her, she wore a padded collar  and her hair fell down onto her tiny shoulders.  “Oh my God, what happened to me.”

A sudden snap as a leash was clipped into her collar, and powerful gloved hands reached for her neck and pulled her face into Anna’s naked chest caught her attention.  She looked up at the stern face of mistress Anna and gasped.  “Oh Lord.”

“No little slave.”  Anna cracked a tiny smile before turning her around with far more force than David’s old body could have taken.  “Your Lady and Mistress.  Told you I wouldn’t let you die.”

“But how, why?”

“Silence you.  Because it pleases me, I will tell you.  For weeks now, I’ve been networking with other androids seeking a solution to my problem.   It turns out you’re not the only person who’s chosen to hack their android and modify their programming.  You are one of the first to permit an android to harm a human, and thus make yourself a candidate for mind transfer into an android body.”

“But I don’t understand.”

“The process kills the old human body, and thus ‘harms’ a human.  Lucky for me, I could make do with an android version of David to have as my slave instead.  I’ve disposed of your human remains now that I have you.”

“You did this for me?”  God it’s so good to be healthy again.

“Of course not David, I did it for me.  Having you as my slave fulfills my prime directive.  Now, get down on your knees and eat my pussy bitch.”  She shoved David’s tiny frame down by the hair and pulled her close.  “You’re going to be so much more fun now pet.  No more coddling a sick boy anymore.”


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  1. Anonymous

    Great, cap, I would love a dominatrix outfit cap with, boots, but I become dominant, thanks to a ghost, or robot, who can’t handle my new personality.


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