The Spell’s Still Working

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The Spell's Still Working Pt-1 TG CAP TG Caption

“I don’t get it, my possession spell should have worn off hours ago.”  Gerry pulled down Janet’s shirt and took a longing look at those awesome tatas.  Normally I’d love wearing this body for more than 12 hours, but old Gerry needs to earn his keep.  Grabbing Janet’s cell phone, he called his own phone to see if the noise would end the spell.

“No answer at home, guess the next step is to call Carl and see if he knows what could have happened.”  Gerry had to key in the number from memory.  Janet definitely had nothing to do with Carl, at least while she was conscious.  Yah babe, you might not want to deal with a nerd like Carl, but he definitely had plans for you, or else why would he be letting his buddy Gerry take over your body and fuck his brains out.

Carl picked up on the first ring.  “Hello  Janet?”

“No buddy, it’s still Gerry.  Wasn’t that spell of yours supposed to end around midnight?”

“Well, yes bro; it was.  I don’t get it.  The time limit is definitely 12 hours.  You should be back in the old digs: acne, beer gut, and glasses.  You tried calling of course?”

“First thing.  Look I’m kind of getting worried.  You’ve still got my key right?”

“Sure.  How about I come by and pick you up on the way.  I’ll bring my spell books and we’ll figure this out .”

“Hey thanks; you’re a real friend.”


The Spell's Still Working Pt-2 TG CAP TG Caption

Getting dressed in Janet’s body proved a minor nuisance; putting a bra on was a lot harder than taking it off.   Gerry was too nervous to even try putting on Janet’s make-up so he just washed her face and did without.  God, my eyes just look wrong without her war paint.  The sound of Carl’s car horn drove everything else aside.  He grabbed Janet’s purse and locked the door behind her.

Carl made quick work getting to his neighborhood, but then had to slow down to a crawl.  Gerry had never seen so many fire and police vehicles around his complex before.  Carl parked on the street, and they tried to walk in, but the closer they got to Gerry’s building the greater the crowd.

“Dude this can’t be good.  It looks like the fire was in your unit.  Let me go see what the cops say.”

Gerry just stood there in Janet’s body, staring at the burned out building, his mind numb.  He swore he heard Janet in the back of his mind freaking out, or maybe that was him.  He watched Carl arguing with the cops, before he turned around and made his way back towards him.  God, he’s white as a sheet.  

“Janet, maybe you better sit down for this one.”  He led his friend over to the curb and helped her take a seat.  “Dude, I guess it’s a good thing that possession spell is still working.”  Carl dropped his head in his hands.  “You didn’t make it out.”


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4 Responses to The Spell’s Still Working

  1. Eric

    Super use of pic & very good story. Poor Janet. The guy lucked out. Did Janet die inthe fire or is she still trapped in her body with him in control?

  2. Max

    Gerry should start getting the flashes of Janet but sense its the body they’re both trapped in there personalities should start to fuse, so they both end up living kind of.


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