Trading Places

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“Ken, look it was just fate or something.  We’re up here using my telescope and killing a few beers when we see that shooting star out there.  You’re the one who said wouldn’t it be great to trade places with those two girls who turned us down at the club when we offered to bring them up for a little ‘star gazing’ last night.”  Not that I’m goanna bitch, Marcie’s memories of sex can be described as hot, plenty, and often.

“No Gerry, I’m fine; Hell I’m better than fine.  Jane’s life rocks.  The last memory I have as her was getting plowed by this guy Brian she must have met at the club last night.  I just have this one big question.”

“Shoot dude, or rather dudette.”

“If we’re here in Jane and Marcie’s bodies, and have their memories up until last night, what did those two wake up to?”

The new Marcie looked at her empty beer bottle, grinned and then burst out laughing.  “Oh my God, just picture that guy Brian waking up this morning in bed with your former fat ass.”  Wow, talk about your grade ‘Z’ horror film.  “Think the guy ran away screaming, kicked the shit out of ‘him’ or both.”

“That’s sort of what I’m wondering.  Think those two will show up over here and demand their lives back?”

“Even if they do, It’s not like we can do anything about it.  I think we’re stuck this way babe.”  And I still find your red head ass is really hot. “Care to try out a little lesbian sex here.  Marcie seems to swing both ways and you make one really cute chick.”

Ken turned around in Jane’s body and cracked a smile.  “Let’s just say I’m a lot more likely to climb in bed with you than I was last night.”

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