A Whole New Person

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“Gerry, I tell you something really strange is going on with Darla.  Last week she’s the queen bee of the junior class, hanging out with jocks and seniors and not giving us geeks the time of day.  This week she’s sporting glasses, toting her own books, acing her classes, and going to chess club with Fred.  It’s like she’s a whole nother person.”

“Yes I think Fred and I definitely made a real improvement in her personality, showed her the error of her ways in always putting us nerds down.”  Particularly since we used that alien mind device and copied my mind into her body.  It’s like I have an incredibly hot twin sister walking around.

“The funny thing is, I feel like I know her, like I’ve been her friend in another life or something.  You think maybe I should ask her out?  Would I have a shot with her?”

Gerry gave his friend a calculating look.  “Well, if you’ll just be yourself around her, maybe take her out and help her win the Friday night trivia game at that bar you play at, you might have a shot.”  If I were a girl would I make out with you, oh wait I sort of am a girl.  I guess we’ll find out.

Gerry watched as his buddy went over and talked with ‘Darla’.   I’m glad we used the machine and changed her, but I kind of wish we’d copied Fred onto her instead of me.  I wonder what it would be like to date her?  Would that be weird or what.


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