Old Style Costume Gun

Costume Gun

First appearing in the 1860’s during the Civil War, this magical device, like most artifacts tends to come in a variety of shapes and materials.  The earliest ones looked like a steam-punk ray gun, made from quartz crystals, fine woods, and brass; but more recent models tend to be made of plastics, diodes and electrical circuits.

The gun emits a spell affect which turns the target from a living breathing human into a magical suit or costume which can be put on by another person as a perfect disguise, complete with access to memories and mannerisms of the affected person.

The costume radiates a sort of intuitive compulsion to anyone touching it to strip off their own clothes and put it on, thus enabling new users to learn to use the costume gun without instructions.

The gun also has a mode switch on it, which causes the spell effect to be reversible.  The user can then turn the gun upon them self and de-activate the costume, causing its magic to be reversed.

The costume wearer then goes through the painful process of reverting to their original form, with the costume melting off of their body and turning back into the targeted person, sans clothing.   This takes between 3 to 5 minutes, enabling the costume gun user to make their escape.

The person who was the targeted costume will either remember the acts that were done by the wearer as if they did them themselves as if under the affects of a drug, or will have no memory of their actions while being worn as a costume.

Removing a magical costume to return to one’s original form can be extremely dangerous for the old or infirm.  Persons have been knows to suffer stroke or heart attack after taking off a young healthy costume and reverting to their true selves.

Long term costume wearing is also not recommended due to increasing mental noise from the sub-conscious mind of the worn individual.  Persons tend to develop schizophrenia and or multiple personality disorders when costumes are work continuously over several weeks or months.

There have been reported cases of damaged costume guns in which the spell affect did not give the wearer perfect control of the costume, (.i.e. the worn individual regained mental control of the combined form and the person wearing them was submerged in their personality.)


Costume Gun Sniper Edition

A second form of costume gun is known to exist.  Based on a telescope or binocular device, these guns can be used on target persons at a greater distance.  Also these more modern spells tend to permit instantaneous transfer to the costumed form without the physical stress of the morphing transformation.

These devices have only been around for the last 15 or twenty years and are much rarer in the magic community than the standard gun.


Legal Issues      

Due to the nature of bondage / servitude of the victims of Costume Gun usage, these Magic Items are highly illegal to possess or distribute in those jurisdictions which recognize their existence.  Also, military and criminal elements will seek out this kind of technology for their own uses.