I do not claim ownership of the source pictures used in mu captions.  They have been taken open-sourced from various Tumblr.com sites on the web.  I try not to use photos posted with obvious Logos (i.e. Playboy Bunny, and other site logos,) but since people crop these off before publishing, I do occasionally miss one. 

These captions are in affect parody / works of fiction and are not intended to have any effect on the value / marketing of the original source material.  No Hi-resolution images are used.

If you are the original / copyright owner of a picture used in a caption, I will either remove it or re-post with appropriate picture credit and URL Link at your request.  Simply make a comment entry identifying yourself and stating your desire on the caption in question and it will be removed / credited and re-posted as soon as I review your comment.

I monitor all new comments to post on the site myself at least twice a day, so your request should be handled post haste.